The History in Front of Us

I think this article does a great job of explaining why this was an historic election and, regardless of your politics, provides evidence of our society getting better and more equal. Many people grew to realize that they could vote for a man because his ideas resonated with them, rather than simply dismissing him as a black man and voting for the white guy. That’s amazing and inspiring.

(just the first 3 paragraphs and one later in the article here, see the link for the full article):

Early on Election Day morning in the Philadelphia suburb of Levittown, Pa., Joe Sinitski, 48, stood in a long line inside a school gymnasium, inching his way toward three blue-curtained voting machines. He wore jeans, a sweatshirt and a National Rifle Association baseball cap. He said he would vote for Barack Obama, a choice that some months earlier he could not have imagined.

“I have to admit, his race made my decision harder,” he said. “I was brought up that way. And I don’t like his name. I’ll admit to that, too.”

Mr. Sinitski, a heating and air-conditioning technician, repeated a joke he had heard back in the spring about the choice in the Democratic primary between a black man and a woman (Hillary Rodham Clinton), and he used a crude term for each. But when I asked him how he might feel to wake up the next morning to the reality of a black president-elect, he said: “I do think it’s an historic election. Part of me feels like it would be really cool.”….

“For a long time, I couldn’t ignore the fact that he was black, if you know what I mean,” Mr. Sinitski, the heating and air-conditioning technician, told me. “I’m not proud of that, but I was raised to think that there aren’t good black people out there. I could see that he was highly intelligent, and that matters to me, but my instinct was still to go with the white guy.”….


~ by orangematt on November 9, 2008.

One Response to “The History in Front of Us”

  1. Hey Matt…it is indeed historic and timely. I believe, however, it will take time for Obama to make changes. I hope the populace may have patience with his perceived iconic persona and what confronts him going into this job. I have no doubt that there are a plethora of unknown, dastardly variables left by the previous administration with which Obama did not have a clue. xooxoMomxooxo

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