The weekend

We didn’t have any plans for the weekend – just sticking around the house and enjoying the last vestiges of summer. But did have a couple of cool events…First, we bought G a new road bike on Saturday! I’m very excited about that (and she is too!). It will be good to help her out with her knee recovery & strengthening, which is going well, and she is also planning to start bike-commuting to work when she gets a little stronger. It’s a great starter bike for her, will fit fenders, and is all ready to go.

We got out on a short ride today, but it was in the hills near our house, so constantly descending or climbing, and it went great. G handled it well and her muscles are more sore than her knee, so that’s a great sign. We’re planning on a bunch more rides…

Secondly, I volunteered to help out with the Portland Triathlon. I’ve got a friend who raced it and she roped me into helping out with the bike course. I had to be down there at 6:45am, an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning as far as I’m concerned, but soon had some caffeine in my veins and rode my bike down there – luckily downhill. It was a cool event and everyone was lucky the rains held off until about noon, so they didn’t affect the event at all. Most drivers are pretty friendly and happy their in a city that will close some roads and support an event like this, and lucky for me, the ones that didn’t like just kept their window rolled up and stomped on the gas pedal to drive off.

Overall a nice, relaxing weekend around home.


~ by orangematt on September 1, 2008.

One Response to “The weekend”

  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend…Go Gen! on your new bike..

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