Crit #2

I raced again this week with the Novice group. There were only 11 of us and it was quite windy, so the average speed was down and breakaways were extra hard to pull off. The most excitement came when I was pulling & heard 2 guys off the front of the next race coming up behind us and I accelerated to match, thinking they were in my race, and the pace picked up significantly until our mentor guy chased me down and let us know those guys weren’t in our race. It was a fun acceleration though!

The wind was tough – it was almost a direct headwind on the back stretch and tailwind on the front stretch. Speeds were slow on the back, but it was a lot of extra work to try to get away, and on the front speeds were high, but again, with a tailwind, hard to get away. The corners offered some interesting opportunities to get away if you played it right, but no matter where you jumped, you’d get hit by the wind eventually and would need to hold off the much bigger advantage of the pack in the wind.

At the end of the day, I didn’t have much left at the end (pulled a pretty fast lap, pulled a second time, and was pulling coming into the final spring) and was tired anyway because I had played an ultimate frisbee tournament over the weekend, and finished 10th out of 11. Learned a lot about the wind this week and that I really need to suppress my desire to up the speed of the pack in the middle of the race. I’m ok with doing my fair share, but its really hard to put the hurt on from the front.

Gonna race the Sunset Crit on saturday in the 4/5 category, and plan on racing cat 4/5 for the last three weeks of the Monday PIR Crit (I don’t think its much faster, just a bigger field and twice as long). Just going to sit in for these races, see how its played, and jump when it seems interesting and chase when it needs to happen. All about getting in shape, understanding my capabilities, and trying out some tactics at this point.


~ by orangematt on August 6, 2008.

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