The bike…It always comes back to the bike…

So I signed up to ride the Seattle-to-Portland (STP) ride this year and my dad and a few of his friends are coming up to ride it as well. Not a difficult ride, per se, but it is 100 miles two days in a row, so if you’re not broken in to your saddle, its gonna hurt. (Well, its going to hurt anyway, just a matter of how much.) I’ve been out of cycling seriously for a while now, but have re-dedicated myself this year (both for exercise & commuting, you know, gotta save the earth and all). Suffice it to say that cycling is on my mind, almost all of the time…

I finally got some miles under my belt last weekend…not quite a hundred between both days, but an intense group ride on Saturday and a 4+ hour solo on Sunday (with plenty of wind, ugh). Got on my bike yesterday to run downtown and watch the prologue of The Mt Hood Classic and, wow, were my legs dead! I felt surprisingly good on the Sunday ride (once I remembered to eat….I think that’s half my training, remembering to eat before I completely lose it) and even had some juice left to hammer up the hills to my house at the end of the ride. But getting rolling yesterday hurt. Of course, once I got warmed up things were rolling again, but it took a while.

Kind of realized this weekend that I’ve got to ramp the miles pretty aggressively if I’m going to be ready for this. I don’t need to get a double in, but at least get one century in! 8 weeks and counting….

Oh – and the Prologue event was pretty cool. It was a short, flat, no wind, out-and-back time-trial course. 1.7 miles. The winner finished it in just over 2:45….that’s an average of 37mph! Talk about hammering. (bikeportland write-up) They’ve got a hilly crit tonight at Mt Tabor, a local park that is a dead volcano that I’ve ridden up and around many times. I’m debating whether to blow off my drawing class and go watch the race instead, I’m sure it’ll be cool.

~ by orangematt on May 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “The bike…It always comes back to the bike…”

  1. Go, Matt…may the force be with you ;o) xoxoxoxo
    As Arlo Guthrie sang, “I don’t want a pickle…I just want to ride my bi…cicle. Okay, so it was motorcycle. Anyhoo, hope the training goes well..

  2. Thanks…I tend to lean toward Queen tho.

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