Storage & cleaning up the garage

I love having a house and all the room, but this house isn’t exactly set up great for organized storage…thus, my garage looks like this:

Luckily I had a few extra days of vacation to use around the house and added shelving to the garage loft. It was a great project for me after returning from my Grandpa‘s funeral just a day before I started the project. He was a woodworker all his life and worked with his hands often, and I definitely spent a lot of time thinking about him while working on this project. I think there’s a lot of value into pouring yourself into a project and giving your brain some time to work things out (mostly) in the background while your hands are busy.

It’s and interesting place to design shelves for, and my design has changed multiple times. Its only 4′ deep x 4′ tall and its ~9’ off the ground (the joist in the above picture is the floor of the shelf), so having a wide enough ledge to maneuver on is important so the shelves can’t be too deep.

I’m definitely still building my tool collection, and a few of my in-laws were gracious with their Home Depot gift cards, and I’m now a proud owner of this 😀 😀 😀 :

I started off by screwing 2x4s to the walls at the shelf height. These will provide full-length backside support for each shelf. I decided on heights of 1′ from the ceiling and 1′ below that. This ends up being a little tight and limiting to what you can place, but I think it will be useful. If I were doing it again, I’d drop the bottom shelf 4″ or so to give the extra space to the middle shelf.

Using joist hangers was a pretty easy way to attach the cross-supports to the wall-mounted 2x4s & to the front-support legs. The hardest thing about those is that, because you drive nails at an angel, which provides excellent pull-out support, they are pretty hard to get to end up at the exact right height – which was important because they supported the cross beam between the wall and the front-edge legs. Making sure each one of these was aligned pretty well was probably the thing that took the longes through the whole project.

After getting the supports up, it was time to place the shelves. G caught me a few beers in after getting the two shorter shelves placed.

And finally, after getting the other shelves up, I could start hauling the storable items up to the loft.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of space up there. I’m in a bit of a purge phase right now, so I can’t imagine running out of space anytime soon. But if I need more shelves, the building will go a lot faster the next time around!

~ by orangematt on February 16, 2008.

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  1. Nice work!!! xoxoxoxox

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