Super Size Me

First, great movie. Entertaining and enlightening with a lot of ‘state of health in America’ sub-themes. But more about that in a minute. The cool thing? I just went to Netflix, and with my 2-movies-at-a-time subscription, found out that I can “Watch Movies Instantly on [My] PC” for free! How cool is that! Sure, it’s a limited time offer, but to get on-demand over broadband is pretty sweet. I was highly skeptical because of long download times for movies, but Netflix seems to have done a really good job with their streaming implementation. I watched the movie from start to finish without a single ‘hiccup’ in the broadcast. Yippee! I’ll be watching more movies this way for sure. (edit: the only thing better would be if they would show which movies are available online in your queue.)

Now back to the movie. You’ve probably heard the premise: a guy, interested in obesity in America on the heels of McDonalds being sued by two teenage girls, decides to eat nothing but McDonalds, three times a day, for a month. He gets three doctors to monitor him, has multiple lab tests & weigh-ins weekly, and at the end of the month the doctors are amazed that the diet could’ve had such a negative effect on him. Interspersed with facts & figures, interviews with food-industry representatives & school lunch ladies, and concern expressed by his vegan girlfriend, his downward path is amazing to see.

Two big thumbs up from me. He stretches and over-generalizes at points, but overall does a good job of indicting the food industry & the American culture of excess and the obsession with ‘big’. And if you want more info on the food industry in America, Eric Schlosser’s book “Fast Food Nation” is a good read too. If you eat meat, be prepared to want to give it up after that read.

~ by orangematt on May 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Super Size Me”

  1. If you really want to re-consider the comsumption of meat…view the film “Fast Food Nation”. Arghhhhh….glad I am vegetarian. xoxoxoxo

  2. I imagine the movie is much like the book, mentioned above. 🙂

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