Little, tiny, small soldering

{Update: Sweet! Got the pics working. Got to link to the actual picture instead of the webpage, duh.

Sorry the pics don’t work yet…I’m new at this and will get it working soon}

It’s harder keeping up on this blog thing than I thought…But. I’ll. Keep. Trying.

Well, I bought me one of them-there soldering irons and fixed my cat-chewed Bluetooth headset charger.

frayed headset charger wire. stoopid cat

Boy! The package sure does look nice! But holy cow, getting that thing open is a whole other story. This was after about 10 minutes of poking & tearing at the thing. I’m all for keeping your products secure and whatnot, but getting into packaging is tougher than shelling out the money to buy the damn thing!

new package

mangled package

Now that the iron is free of its prison, let’s get to work. I coated the two wires with fluxed solder.

solder coated wires

Then wrapped the wires around themselves, and soldered again.

solder coated wires

Tape each DC line separately to electrically isolate, then tape the whole thing to protect, and Voila! Good as new. Almost. Stupid cat.

taped once

taped again

~ by orangematt on May 14, 2007.

One Response to “Little, tiny, small soldering”

  1. Hey Matt….so, did Somi get a talkin’ to about the “good as new, almost” wires? The only time I have soldered is working on stained glass projects. One more home skill you have…yeah! Gen should be impressed ;o)

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