Repairs, repairs, repairs

Well, the cats have finally driven me to it…I love small & wireless electronics, but that typically means its battery powered, which also means a battery charger. Well, that happens to be the perfect size of wire that Somi-cat loves to gnaw on. Stupid cat. So far I just use a twisty cap to put the wires back together, but the wires to charge this Bluetooth headset I just got are just a few strands of copper.

So – I bought a soldering iron. Haven’t soldered before, but seems like a clean way to do the repair the right way. Repaired it this morning & took a bunch of pics – will update with a post soon.

I also plan on documenting my forays into working on our house. Should be fun!

~ by orangematt on April 28, 2007.

One Response to “Repairs, repairs, repairs”

  1. Looking forward to you pics ;o)
    Silly Kitty….ahh, but what would you do without him? You have gone on to try soldering…cool!

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