The Househunt

Since the first of the year, Gen & I have been spending about all our free time looking for a house…Being very deliberative people, you can only imagine the amount of this-and-that, pro-and-con, and “what the hell are we doing?” that’s going on. We’ve gotten through the glut of houses that have been sitting on the market, so things are getting a bit easier – just reviewing/touring the new listings.

We did put an offer on a house…unfortunately they had severely overpriced their house, and we came in pretty low…they moved a bit, but in the end, couldn’t come to terms. Maybe we’ll try it again in a month (it’s already been on the market for 100 days, it’ll probably be there a bit longer), cause we really like the house and location.

Well, taking off ealry to look at a few more houses this afternoon before it gets dark. Hope we find a winner!

~ by orangematt on February 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Househunt”

  1. Hi Matt…good luck on your home hunting adventure…that’s pretty cooleroonie :o)

  2. Thanks mom. If we’re lucky you’ll be able to help us move when you’re up here!

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