Privacy…some ways to get it

Sorry for the dry spell, I’m going to get posting more regularaly….here’s a note on privacy:

nytimes article

The article is about maintaining your privacy, getting on do-not-call & do-not-mail lists, and other ways your name and address get our there for people. I’ve signed up for both the do not call and the DMA do not mail list (I’ve had better success with that than the author) and make sure I tell my credit card companies to not send me offers.

You have to take a few minutes to request this stuff (you even have to snail-mail the DMA request), but less junk mail is well worth it in my experience.

Fyi – you can go to the do not call website and verify if you’ve registered your phone number and the registration date (requests expire after 5 years).

Enjoy the silence!

~ by orangematt on January 20, 2007.

One Response to “Privacy…some ways to get it”

  1. Hey Matt….nice to hear from you again :o)

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