This is the third year in a row I’ve been to my brother’s place for Thanksgiving and every year they’ve had something different on the menu. Half or more of the attendees are vegetarians, so non-traditional dinners have become the norm. A traditional turkey dinner two years ago, sushi last year, and a fajita fiesta this year.

It was quite the feast. I brought fresh-made roasted tomatillo salsa & a pear-grape-pomegranate seed guacamole; Nate & Megan (bro & wife) put together the fajitas, grilled peppers and pico de gallo; my sister and my wife put together dessert – flan and an incredibly sweet tres leche cake. I’d have pictures, but when we got done with dinner, a couple people quickly realized that we just dove in and completely forgot to document. Ah well. Got to get in the habit of always pushing the camera button if I’m going to get this blog thing right.

Off to not shop on black Friday – we’ll probably go for a hike in the rain instead.

~ by orangematt on November 24, 2006.

One Response to “Gracias-giving”

  1. Good times for all…gobble, gobble….

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