Meet Oscar & Somi

We brought Somi home from the shelter about 7 months ago, and he’s a great cat. A lot of fun and a lot of his personality is almost more dog-like than cat-like. We play with him a bunch, but since the school year started and G started working again, it’s been pretty obvious he doesn’t handle the long days by himself so well. So we got him a buddy!

From cats! 2006_11_21

We took a day-and-a-half to introduce them through a door and they seemed to be doing ok, so we let them out. Looking back, it probably would have been better to wait another day or two, but they were already playing with each other’s paws underneath the door. Ah well, it’s done now!

They’re getting along great though – a lot of chasing and I’m not sure either one of them has been able to actually relax while the other is around yet, but they’re calming down and giving each other a bit more space. Luckily Oscar has enough energy and has been socialized well enough with other cats that Somi’s antics don’t bother him too much. Only time will tell!

~ by orangematt on November 21, 2006.

One Response to “Meet Oscar & Somi”

  1. Oscar has his fair share of antics, believe me! Somi actually let me have a cuddle session and purred again today, he hasn’t been relaxed enough to do that since we brought the new cat home. Slowly but surely 🙂

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