Vonage – they’re orange, but I don’t like ’em

I know it’s a bit in my blog to be posting negative things, but I’ve got to get this posted. I’ve used Vonage for the past year (actually for about 9 months) and haven’t had too many problems. Their wait times are long if you need to call them, but usually the service just worked. However, recently we decided to just go all cell-phones, and trying to leave Vonage has been an experience.

So, 2 weeks ago, I called them to cancel, but was persuaded to wait 2 weeks because there’s a $40 fee if you cancel before one year. Ok. They also told me to call back on the 17th (she said this data specifically) after the next billing cycle starts (and my account is charged) and that they would refund the month I was charged for going forward. I don’t like paying someone $40 to stop using the service, so ok, I’ll wait it out.

Today I call. I get a person surprisingly quick. I tell her I want to cancel…she goes on to sell me their low-cost package – the standard. Then I ask about the refund…no dice! First person lied, which is about the most reprehensible behavior from a company I can fathom. I ask again, she looks at my account notes, says categorically “we don’t give refunds” so I guess I was had. Now, fed up, I just want to cancel. But no!!! Even though its been several days past a year, she can’t cancel me without a $40 charge – she says its something to do with the system not registering the new billing cycle yet. WHO CARES! It’s past 1 year.

Now, I get to call back next week, after their computers have had the weekend to sort out the billing cycle (yeah right), waste more of my time waiting for a person to talk to, and in the mean time write a bad review on every site I can find.

Stupid Vonage. Their service was fine. Lying to your customers is not.

~ by orangematt on November 17, 2006.

2 Responses to “Vonage – they’re orange, but I don’t like ’em”

  1. And since this cuts into the budget for my Christmas present, I really don’t like them either! Seriously, poor customer service and having to call back multiple times to get something resolved drives me nuts.

  2. […] After this debacle…I called them back, cancelled the account, but still got stuck paying for the 13th month. One rep lying to a customer goes a long way to pissing someone off. At least now I’m done with them entirely. Be warned…they will take every penny they can & don’t give refunds (no matter what apparantly). […]

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